Organizations across the country are discovering how high-quality insurance, financial, and healthcare call center outsourcing services can benefit them. Part of that is the nature of a reliable, well-managed call center. It’s also the result of the growing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into their services. In fact, AI is revolutionizing what the modern call center or contact center can offer its clients. However, the most effective call center outsourcing companies also recognize the crucial importance of combining cutting-edge AI with old-fashioned human connections.

Multiple CRM Integration Options

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is a must-have for any business or organization, regardless of size. It prioritizes leads, improves organization and efficiency, and facilitates better time management. Partnering with the right contact center enables a business to create a CRM system if it doesn’t have one and establish enhanced multi-channel integration of its existing system. An integrated CRM system can then collect and leverage customer, client, and prospect data from an organization’s phone, email, and even live webchat or chatbot systems.

Enhanced IVR Solutions

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems are an essential time and resource-saver for healthcare and insurance, bank and financial services call center outsourcing solutions and many other industries. Really, it’s beneficial for any organization that receives many calls requesting specific, routine information. An IVR system can reduce the requirement for human agents on the other end of the line by more than half. In the past, IVR systems sometimes developed a reputation for frustrating customers into pressing “0” or demanding to speak to an operator. However, the AI-upgraded IVR services offered by a first-rate contact center outsourcing company streamline that process while dropping the cost of running similar phone services by as much as two-thirds.

Webchat and Chatbot Services

As commerce and customer or client inquiries increasingly move online, live webchat and chatbot services become increasingly essential. Consider the benefits of webchat as an effective insurance call center outsourcing service. Prospects or members could get information on hours, plans and eligibility, copay, and a lot more while browsing the organization’s website. In essence, smart AI chatbot services would function similarly and provide many of the same benefits as cutting-edge IVR solutions. Plus, the data provided by agent webchat and chatbot functions could be collected and mined by the AI-enhanced CRM system.

Genuine Human Connections Are Still Important

Those are only a few of the benefits that a call or contact center outsourcing company employing leading-edge AI technology could provide. However, the versatility and effectiveness of that AI technology have raised a familiar question in the contact center industry—is AI going to replace human call center agents? The answer, at least for the foreseeable future, is a resounding no. There are myriad ways that AI technology is revolutionizing the contact center landscape. However, the expertise and experience of professional human agents and their ability to establish true human connections with clients and customers remains entirely indispensable.

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