Having access to effective, first-rate call center services is beneficial for insurance businesses and healthcare organizations for many reasons. A reliable outsourced call center can upgrade sales and marketing efforts, boost enrollments, provide inbound customer and member services, and much more. It can also typically do so for a significantly lower cost than an in-house operation. However, not every call center can offer the same benefits, and it might be time to switch to another. Ask yourself these four questions to know if it’s time for a new call center partner.

Do They Offer a Range of Inbound and Outbound Services?

Find out if your current call center provides a range of both inbound and outbound services, including experience in both B2B and B2C campaigns. That should be a priority even if you only contract with a call center for either inbound or outbound services. For one, a contact center with a more comprehensive suite of inbound and outbound call services will have a broader base of experience and expertise. Plus, your organization’s needs may change. Access to a familiar and trusted contact center that provides whatever you may need in the future is invaluable.

Do They Offer Omnichannel Solutions?

Any reliable healthcare or insurance call center outsourcing business your organization partners with should be a full-service contact center. A high-quality contact center offers a wealth of omnichannel technology, communication solutions, and call services. Those solutions include website support and online chat, email campaigns, social media, and more. The experience and expertise an established contact center has amassed from work in various industries make it a valuable resource for consulting.

What Is Their Agent-to-Supervisor Ratio?

A contact center’s agent-to-supervisor ratio is an important metric to consider. First off, the lower the ratio of agents to supervisors, the more oversight, assistance, and coaching the agents will receive. The result is more knowledgeable agents and more effective services. However, the ratio also indicates how much the company values its team. That speaks to a more comprehensive dedication to professionalism and high-quality service within the call center. The industry best is a 12:1 agent-to-supervisor ratio. Find a contact center with that ratio offering insurance and healthcare call center services, and a partnership is likely to be mutually beneficial.

How Precisely Tailored Is Your Service?

A successful partnership between a well-established contact center and an insurance or healthcare organization is a give-and-take partnership. Each has expertise and information the other needs, and the most fruitful partnerships are characterized by a free exchange and discussion of that information. Choose a call center committed to customizing tailor-made contact center programs and services for its partners. A custom-built campaign or strategy for your organization’s specific needs and goals will maximize its performance and success.

About DialAmerica

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